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Sposarsi a Pistoia

If you are looking for the ideal Venue for an unforgettable wedding reception in Tuscany then the Artemura Residence is the place for you! Upon your arrival at the Artemura Residence, you will enter a world rich in culture and history, decorated with wood beam ceilings and walls full of history, within them the secrets of Ippolito Desideri, the first European to ever travel to Tibet. Come discover the scents and space of the secret garden, a treasure of more than 1000 square meters, surrounded by the church of S. Philip, the main building of the Fabroniana Library and the apse of S. Andrew, where there is a beautiful pulpit, work of S.John Pisano.


Banchetti all'Artemura Residence

If you dream of a wedding reception rich in emotions with a historical setting, located in the artistic city centre, then our secret garden will make your dream an exclusive reality.
To make your ceremony unique, the sacristy of St. Andrew’s Church contains a direct passage into the garden.

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The aroma and taste of traditional Tuscan cuisine, famous around the world, often finds itself in the exclusive rooms of our Residence.

Artemura Residence - making Anglo Weddings in Tuscany unforgettable for all the right reasons!


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